Cannot load or play Scrabble, Spades, Hearts, Bridge and more Pogo games

When your most loved Pogo games cannot load or play, could be stressing to some users. Regular game players can’t compromise their entertainment time, on the contrary they are too addicted to play their favourite games.

Most Pogo games rely on your computer compatibility as well as the Internet connectivity. There can be some specialized issues that will create interruption in playing many Pogo games, wherein solving those issues will straight your Pogo games back online again.


Choose compatible browser-

Internet Explorer 11 is the most perfect and recommended browser for playing online Pogo games. This web-browser is preinstalled in every single most recent Windows 10 computers and earlier too. Particular version of Internet Explorer supports Flash Player and Java applications, which help all Pogo games to load without any delays. A few clients may not find their Internet Explorer, wherein they could contact their computer manufacturer or talk with Pogo Customer Support.


Install and verify Java-

Download Java just from the official site for free and verify in your Pogo web-browser for continuous online gaming. Major games such as: Hearts, Bridge, High Stakes Pool, Qwerty, Pinochle, Fortune Bingo and so on require Java enabled browsers to play these games. Pogo.com has around 67 Java games that will only play in compatible browsers.

Download Java- https://www.java.com/en/download/

Verify installed Java- https://www.java.com/verify/


Install Flash Player-

Internet Explorer 11 comes with preinstalled Flash Player plugins, wherein you do not need to physically install it. If your browser has disabled flash player, then open tools = Internet options = Programs = Manage add-ons = shockwave player (enable).

For other web-browsers download Adobe Flash Player from the official website for free.


Clear browser cookies & cache-

If your internet -browser has already these plugins enabled but cannot play games yet, at that point follow recommended instructions as per your computer browser and crash out cookies and cache. Follow official link to clear up these files- https://help.ea.com/en-us/help/faq/clearing-your-browsers-cache/

When performing above task does not make great effect, at that point talk with Pogo Customer Service at Pogo Helpline Number and consult with the engineers for possible solutions. Some issues could be complicated and hard to overcome, wherein these experts will help you find the solutions.

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